When A Fan Becomes The Man

from by Alonso Majikal



The aspirations of making music meet the reality of most musicians.


(Hook) x2
When a fan becomes the man/ and people worship land they walk on and wished it was them signing the autograph/ how does it happen so fast or was it all part of a plan that began the moment it met with the right chance.

Where do I begin?/ sitting out here thinking/ sipping on beer drinking while tripping about existence/ visioning higher living/ scribbling algorithms for figuring out a system and wriggling out this prison/ but where do I begin?/ I ask myself again to make decisions, and formulate a way to start a business/ and even though it might be pain staking/ I’d turn the world into a slaughter house if it means bringing home the bacon/ cos dreaming of my fate and the same as trying to make it/ and trying to make it’s enough to leave me in a stressed relation/ this life I’m in wont SUIT, in need and alteration/ or at least some patience when I’m static like an AM station/ I’m daydreaming, thinking about the scene and tour routes and fans screaming/ tripping on how I flip my words out and then you see me/ featured in magazines and fold outs/ and all believe me coz I be leaving no doubt!

(Hook) x2

When a fan becomes the man/ and a man he’s a fan of comes up to thank him for rocking the fucken jam/ it’s got me bugging mad/ cos I remember busting raps with the brush in hand, combing through the flow so I could make waves like Puffy had/ eyes tear up like mace, memories flooding back/ first time I heard Outcast in my grandmothers flat, “I got five one it”/ had me thinking what the fuck was that/ rapping about dubs before I had a nut in my fucken sack/ now I’m hitting different stages all across the land/ walking into stores and seeing our releases on the stands/ linking up with like-minded mic controllers who understand and do this the regardless of hate, just like my brother Bangs/ this love and passion for lushes samples and drums that smack/ produce food for thought, that settle the mental hunger pangs/ it a must I rap about something that matter for a younger fan, so maybe I’ll be in the crowd the day that he becomes the man.


from From The Ashes, released January 1, 2015
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Alonso Majikal
Written and Performed by: Alonso Majikal and One Sixth (1/6)



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Alonso Majikal Melbourne, Australia

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