Vine Street

from by Alonso Majikal



The observations of a boy in Western Melbourne. (No disrespect was intended when I dropped this track).


Back in the days, I lived in Vine Court off Vine Street/ in the littered streets of Braybrook, the 3019/ a weatherboard home painted in off whites and if you stood and looked straight at it, you could tell it slanted to the right/ my house was crowded so I’m outside all the time, my neighbours kids are looking at me through the cracks of their venetian blinds/ and so one day I call one out to ride his bike, his clothes reeked of cigarette smoke/ a skinny kid with blue eyes/ and every now-and-then he’d sneak a smoke from his house/ id take it round the corner, light it, try blow rings from my mouth/ so while we chill I’d ask him why his mother never had doubts about her pack of cigarettes and she may have miscount/ you see, his mother drank a lot/ she’d get pissed and start ranting and raving out on the streets, embarrassing her kids/ and she’d be fighting with their old man till I’d get knocks at the door/ can I sleep over?/ I’d look at him and say sure.

(Hook) x2
And it’s like parents just aint worth it no more/ I could hear the noises of our neighbours scream, while we’re sleeping/ and you could tell me man I’d keep a secret/ I’ll keep it closer than my heart beats inside me living off vine street.

“drugs by the selection”/”some use pipes, others use injections”

And as the bus pulls up, I hop off and run into my man/ my boy Plazma, got his name from squirting cans/ I got along with him coz being the same fan of hip hop meant overseeing a man’s tan/ and he invites me to change plans/ it’s all good brother lets kick back, spin records and play tracks/ smoke some weed from the same sack or even have a scratch/ but those belt turntables make the wax lag/ I stop and think of the situation at hand when Plaz tells me that the house got raided by cops in a dibbie van/ his grandmother, oblivious to the scam, was scared stuck in a trance like sand caught in a hour glass/ just a suburb in the skirts of the city/ step outside the house, look across the street and feel pity/ when at the same time I see the neighbour out with a ciggy/ 10 year old getting high in the fumes of graffiti.

(Hook) x2

“drugs by the selection”/”some use pipes, others use injections”/ “time was nothing to us, we were just kids”.


from From The Ashes, released January 1, 2015
Produced, Recorded, Written, Performed, Mixed and Cuts by Alonso Majikal



all rights reserved


Alonso Majikal Melbourne, Australia

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