Que Esta Pasando?

from by Alonso Majikal



What every Hip Hop purist in the world has asked themselves at one point, "que esta pasando?" (what is happening?)


Yo, I know my style of music’s dead coz the 90s have gone and drifted/ Vanished into the air like the winds that carry the missing/ I aint embarrassed to say that I missed it but the whole narrative shifted, into something that’s different, something that’s unrealistic/ Have it all without going the distance and have fortunes in business and cars in an instance/ A wife, crib, even a mistress/ Just have it all, be it all, even see it all, and grabbing all that shit with interest/ I heard a young sucker say that he wished for riches through lottery tickets, so everyday could be a Christmas/ And yet he does nothing to change/ The fool’s stuck in the same kitchen, dreaming of fame while he’s fucken scrubbing dishes/ That doesn’t make any sense coz fate always gotta depend on decisions and in the end, YOU EITHER PLAY YOUR HAND OR PLAY THE VICTIM/ another cog in the old system that can’t function outside of a prison.

“I do it because I want to, not to staying in the game”/ “Not to stay in the game”/ “I do it because I want”/ “I do it because I want to”/ “Fuck the fame”

Y que paso con esta mierda, tanto juego de egos, tanto hueon que aparenta, aqui/ mierda que inventan, y , a Los 40 de la casa de mama no pueden salir/ y otros que vienen llegando, prendieron la tele y hoy quieren representarlo/ hablando de autos de putas de tetas, posando pensando mas en la foto que en la libreta/ y dime , que esta pasando?/ no Es que vivan en un sueno, Es que viven sonando/ y a donde vamos? si otros estan ensuciando lo que dejamos, rimas ya no estan pasando por donde pasamos/ cegados por lo artificial, atormentados por no tener lo material, ni Lo primordial/ atados entorno a su consumo, yo solo escribo, esquivo, fumo y fluyo bro.


from From The Ashes, track released January 1, 2015
Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Cuts by Alonso Majikal.
Written and Performed by: Alonso Majikal and Eduaz



all rights reserved


Alonso Majikal Melbourne, Australia

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