Inside My Coffin

from by Alonso Majikal



Too many funerals in one year makes you reflect on you end
(End of tape)


Lord Jesus Christ, grant that our brother may sleep here in peace/ until you awaken him to glory/ for you are the resurrection and the light/ then he will see you face to face/ and in your light will see light/ and know the splendour of God/ for you live and reign forever and ever/ Amen.

If this were my last day on earth I wouldn’t need my money/ it’s not like I won’t make the afterlife if I forget to bring my wallet/ just bring the Jonny Red so you can pop it in my coffin/ maybe a couple stems, when in heaven I could puff them/ I’d ask my wife for the wedding ring I gave her so I could take it with me/ that way you’d be my girl forever/ my life insurance means that you’d be set up, so when the days get leather, you’ll be sunny in the greyest weather/ and while I’m chilling there relaxing, I’d like to be holding my little girl’s first pair of Nike air maxes/ a pair of Chuck Taylors for me/ a set of Dickie pants with a cuff and a crease, one of my stater jackets/ so when I’m dead and deceased, give me a pen and some sheets/ a couple of beats so my lyrics accompany me/ an I’ll be riding passenger in your seat, when you’re daydreaming and cruising the streets/ know-what-I-mean?

(Hook) x2
Death comes to us all, like the final seconds of songs/ but there’ll be other tracks to play one/ so drink some liquor if you want to live long/ and pour some out on the floor/ if you got people you wished they won’t gone

The way I view the world, nobody has a fallacy/ every human being on this planet had beliefs/ so just remember in the coffin it aint me/ it’s the body of a person reconnected with the galaxies/ coz whether you see or intercept it spiritually, one way or other you leave/ there aint no plan B/ coz everybody that’s been has seemed to want to deceive death but never got away with it clean/ now let me portrait the scene, at the time of my death Id either be tortured and sent to a bottomless depth/ or beamed up to receive heavenly breath/ and to never again feel the regret with the people I’ve met/ I’m getting older now like video cassettes/ plus there’s so much bullshit out there I might disconnect the internet/ I wait for intellect to intercept/ but I guess we’re doomed to consume and just hope there aint no incidents.

(Hook) x2

Yeah, death comes to us all/ but there’ll be other tracks/ other tracks to play on
Yeah/ this song is dedicated to mister Boba/ Bobadilla/ Dedicated to Eddie/ Erica’s family you-know-what-I-mean/ sending my love to them/ peace/ I’m out.


from From The Ashes, released January 1, 2015
Produced, Recorded, Written, Performed and Mixed by Alonso Majikal



all rights reserved


Alonso Majikal Melbourne, Australia

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