First Time I Met Ya

from by Alonso Majikal



A metaphorical account of trying drugs and alcohol for the first time.


The first time I meet ya was at a party and I couldn't wait to get ya/ I heard of ways that you infect the mind and body of all the men that test ya/ they try to take it too fast and they always end up messed up/ shiiit/ and I had gone through all those muthafucken lectures, consequences of my actions if I disrespect ya/ coz I had heard of men that put their tongue on your golden completion and immediately addiction set/ and that's despite their pay or their intellect/ any man you intercept falls a victim to your breath enough to make decisions that they regret/ especially if I'm longing to connect and I'm hanging for that long neck/ a couple years ago it wasn't how it went/ I'd try to play it cool and pace myself but end up on the rocks instead/ next thing you know I'm tripping off my fucken head/ I'm in my room watching the room spinning right from bed.

(Hook) x2
Why don't you just drink today/ and have all your problems fade/ why don't you just smoke this J and grow wings to fly away

I had heard the reputation of a Mary Jane/ a woman who got fame soothing men who be in constant pain/ I got the hook up from my man Ranga, and he explained that she alters mind frames/ fuck it just roll a three paper joint, I'll be the first to bat up, and if that worth don't add up, like calculators with corrupted data/ I'll give the chick the flick like it don't matter/ coz nothing makes me gladder than moving on when chick go n choose to act up/ and like an improvising actor, I winged it and went with it but nothing could prepare me for not winning/ I start smoking, my heart beat slowing, I start moving in slow motion like I'm floating on top of a boat/ but in the vastness of the ocean I don't feel alone no more or feel I need to mask emotions/ coz this chick has got me so hopeless I can't focus and chicks whenever I try to hold smoke in


from From The Ashes, released January 1, 2015
Produced, Recorded, Written, and Mixed by Alonso Majikal
Performed by: Alonso Majikal and Aby Cee



all rights reserved


Alonso Majikal Melbourne, Australia

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