from by Alonso Majikal



After acceptance comes forgiveness (disculpame).


I’m hanging for success, but I feel I’m losing my chances/ I could’ve used a mentor to show me ropes and the answers/ instead I turned to music so I admired the gangsters/ of sex, power and breath, all to make an advancement/ my mind infected with irreversible cancers/ of fantasise and memories, all types of negatives/ I carry with me, like every day when I’m at this monotonous madness/ sometimes I don’t feel I fit in/ and that’s a problem I think I got as a kid/ grabbing on puzzles to solve them not knowing where to begin/ but I’m working on it though/ and I bet it shows/ SOMESTIMES I JUST DONT REGISTER, THATS WHY I CANT KEEP A FLOAT/ I’m trying to feed a home/ it’s not me trying to be alone/ you seem to only want for me to call/ I get defensive even though I know it’s reasonable for me to reach the phone, and let you know/
(Hook x2)
That just in case I never get a chance to say it, I’m saying it now/ I know we’re fighting coz I’m never around/ that’s just in case I never get to say it (disculpame)

Too young and foolish to know just where it started/ was blind and mislead, path was all departed/ I kept it G though/ at least that’s what it felt like/ until I crashed and burnt/ this could’ve been the end but no/ forgiving the bad in me, forgive the stolen memories/ I do it just for us now/ also I know its hard/ we break up and make up/ how do you still stand beside me?
(Hook) x2


from From The Ashes, released January 1, 2015
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Alonso Majikal
Written and Performed by: Alonso Majikal and Andre D’soul



all rights reserved


Alonso Majikal Melbourne, Australia

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