Dear Journal

from by Alonso Majikal



Two emcees grow together and watch as their worlds change around them.


(Hook) x2
Dear journal, I don’t know why we act this way/ I see the whole world stressing like its judgment day/ coz if you got kids, better watch out where they play/ and if your grown now, better watch out what you say

Some people still call me a dreamer/ it seems to me I keep talking about this a lot more than I need ta, make moves to see the, end product produced/ since back in the days of school I’ve been refining the skills that I’m able to use/ when the term “freestyles” meant to spit bars from the top, and Majikal would handle beats while the cipher kicked off/ in came the emcees to see who had mastered the craft/ cos it wasn’t enough to stay on beat so a battle would start/ those were the old days, we were young and had now worries/ now’s a different story, seems to me that we’re always in a hurry/ chasing time to try get money/ finding the right balance in life, time wise and making it into something/ this aint a negative though yo/ it’s a reflection at best for you to get the concept of a mindset/ of a life lead and a rhyme pad/ where the lines bleed what my heart felt/ and my mind set, turning the negative into a positive yo.

(Hook) x2
Yeah, it’s been mad years of anticipating/ waiting, debating on when to make it, I feel like I’ve been saying the shit for ages. No more procrastinating. I’m solely focused on burning holes in these open pages. Two kids kick a freestyle for the entertainment/ having the same dream and both having the same aiming/ sharing the same feed when both of us needed a payment and weed when we’re aching and we needed to reach an escapement/ night falls I’d be full flowing and wake the neighbours/ I can’t explain how a day painting a freight train changed me/ gave me a brain framed at saving and maintaining a game plagued where the greats fade coz of the haters/ Who wanna be us? Cos now where two freaks on the speakers/ perform miracles like oil leaking from portraits of Jesus/ and all lyrical, like all forms of informative pieces and fuck the cynical, cos all those whores are beneath us/ man we’ve been doing this since we had checker plate laces and when to bed thinking “how I want to be famous” and rock stages/ with more lights than a spaceship but life’s always rearranging.


from From The Ashes, released January 1, 2015
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Alonso Majikal
Written and Performed by: Alonso Majikal and Narrator MC



all rights reserved


Alonso Majikal Melbourne, Australia

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