Change Stuck

from by Alonso Majikal



Naivety, ignorance and arrogance makes it impossible to change. You're "change stuck".
(Flip to side B)


I had often fantasized about having a life/ with a big block of land, with a bunch of kids playing outside/ a 1963 impala my ride, with the chrome plated toggle switches that you flick for adjusting the height/ and even though that life existed inside of my mind/ I felt my destiny was there and it was just a matter of time/ and all I had to do was sit back, wait and recline/ just a foolish kid, thinking the whole world could be mine/ but I soon learnt the dangers of making assumptions/ thinking that something would function and then it turns into nothing/ being so fucken stubborn and not moving or budging/ instead of loosing something to make room for some sort of improvement/ I made changing not up for discussion (right)/ I’ve been too long in my ways I aint gonna take advise nor can I hack making the sacrifice of playing it nice/ just to turn and have my back stabbed with a knife
(Chorus) x2
I’m change stuck/ I’m changing no more/ more more more again

I aint making no changes/ I love sampling shit/ trying arrangements, same crate at the record store, way down at the train station/ the Wax Museum, a small room, plenty of flavours/ and you can see, that finding a record is sacred/ when I was broke and I could afford keyboards to play with/ I took the end of songs, looped them and making the bass fit/ and then fucken rap the shit out of them all day/ literal statement/ shiiiiit and look at me now/ it takes a few crews to do what I do solo/ with obscuring the truth for the good of a promo/ between the news and these fools I feel used and abused/ I never thought about myself as a man with a SUIT, but if a had to choose/ I’d probably choose DIAMONDS and jewels/ and leave that Club shit for those singles who wear timberland boots/ cos I’ve always been a SPADE man, working and paying dues.
(Chorus) x2
Hey yo this is Alonso Majikal/ I got a message for anybody out there who feels they got a talent, feel they have a passion but they’re scared, they got a fear/ I’m here to tell you, just follow it/ just do what you’re good/ coz if you don’t, the only person you’re betraying is yourself/ you know what I mean? Yeah!


from From The Ashes, released January 1, 2015
Produced, Recorded, Written, Performed and Mixed by Alonso Majikal



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Alonso Majikal Melbourne, Australia

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